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Different Types Of Wounds

A wound is a break in the skin or tissue which allows blood to escape. Open wounds allows blood to escape from the body while closed wounds allows blood to escape from the circulatory system. Closed wounds are often seen as brusises or as collections of blood under the skin.

Incised Wound

This type of wound is often caused by a sharp edge, a knife or a razor. This wound bleeds profusely as the cut blood vessels do not contract quickly.

Lacerated wound

Lacerated wounds are caused by machinery, barbed wire or claws of an animal. These wounds bleed less severely than incised wounds because the cut blood vessels contract more quickly than a clean cut of an incised wound. Clotting occurs quickly across the jagged edges. Lacerated wounds are sometimes contaminated.

Puncture Wound

Puncture wounds are caused by needles, nails, railings and even teeth. If the puncture wound is deep, it can result in serious internal injury. The risk of infection in a puncture wound is high because germs are carried into the wound.


Grazes result from a fall, scraping off superficial layers of skin which leaves a raw, tender area. Very often dirt or grit becomes embedded in the injury and can very easily become infected.

Gunshot Wound

Gunshot wound results in one wound where the bullet has entered and another often much larger wound where the bullet exits. Gunshots cause serious internal damage to organs and tissues.

Contused Wound

A contused wound is caused by a fall or a blow with a blunt object. Fractures are very common with a contused wound.

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