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Home Remedies For Household Pests

Sharing your much loved home with insects, rodents and other household pests is very unpleasant and has homeowners spending lots of money on commercial pesticides each year. These pesticides are very toxic and harmful for your health. Here are some home remedies for household pests you may want to consider:


Try sprinkling crushed sage, thyme, paprika, cinnamon or bay leaves across ant paths. Stop ants from getting into your pet's food by creating a moat. Place the food bowl in a shallow container filled with soapy water.


Boric acid is available from garden centers. Dust boric acid into cracks where cockroaches breed.

Clothes moths:

Wash your clothes at a high temperature. The heat will kill the eggs and larvae. You could put your woollen clothes in the freezer for 72 hours.

House flies:

Keep a hanging sweet basil plant in your kitchen to keep flies away or use fly paper or sticky strips to trap the flies.


Use a fan in your room. Mosquitoes do not like breeze. Use a spray bottle filled with ten drops of citronella or eucalyptus essential oil and 120ml of water. Spray your rooms. Citronella candles can be used while outdoors. They are available from garden centers.

Rats & Mice:

There are a number of mice traps available to trap mice. Keep a cat to control mice.


Avoid leaving sweet drinks or food out. Make a wasp trap by mixing a little jam with a drop of detergent in a bottle. Leave the bottle open. The jam attracts the wasps while the detergent kills them.

Prevent household pests by keeping your rubbish bins covered and empty them regularly. Do not keep rubbish bins close to your kitchen door. Always rinse food containers before throwing them away. Keep food jars and containers tightly closed.

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