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How To Calm Your Upset Stomach

There are many reasons for an upset stomach. Some of these include flu, food poisoning, motion sickness and heartburn. They all can cause nausea and their remedies vary according to what is the cause of the stomach to get upset. You will need Ginger Ale, Chamomile tea, Cola and Antiacids.

If something such as motion sickness or a certain smell is the reason of your upset stomach, then remove yourself from the cause. In most cases the stomach will settle on its own. If you have a flu over have overeaten then ginger ale or chamomile tea is the best remedy also try drinking some cola, it is very popular to relieve upset stomachs.

If heartburn is causing your stomach to become upset then an antiacid is the best. Although do not overuse them as they may cause diarrhea and constipation. Avoid alcohol, aspirin, cigarettes and ibuprofen as they aggravate an already upset stomach.

Tips and Warnings

If you are suffering from nausea for 3 days or more or if you can not keep any liquids down and hav'nt urinated in 12 hours, you should visit your doctor.

Visit a doctor or hospital immediately if your stomach hurts following a head injury or if your vomit is black and bloody, or if you have a very high temperature.

Also if your stomach discomfort goes away completely and returns. Any of these symptoms may be a warning of a serious condition and requires immediate medical attention.

If you are pregnant or have an ulcer, talk to your doctor before using any medication.This information is not a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment.Always consult your physician if you have a specific condition or concerns.

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