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How To Tell When An Apple Is Bad

Apples are a popular fruit and very good for you. Although sometimes it is very difficult to tell whether an apple is simply bruised or whether it is rotten. An apple that has mold or is rotten can make you very sick thereore it is important to be able to tell whether it is good enough to eat or not.

If you buy your apples in a prepacked bag, it must have an expirationa date. Apples should always be consumed within their expiration date and no later than that. Examine each apple carefully. If an apple has insect holes with the flesh from inside exposed then that apple is likely to have molded. This apple is not good and should be thrown away.

Feel the apple, a good apple should feel firm and supple. If the apple is hard, that means it is dehydrated and is not good to eat. Squeeze the apple in your hand. You should not be able to squeeze any juice out of a fresh apple. An apple that is rotting will be soft and squishy in your hand.

If an apple is very soft on the inside or if it has a wrinkled skin, throw it away.Check the apple for spots. Some discolouration spots are due to bruising but they are still good enough to eat. You can slice off the discolored spot and examine the flesh underneath. If the flesh is still white then you can still eat the apple but if the flesh underneath is discoloured then it is not advisable to eat it. Rather discard it.

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