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How To Treat Chemical Burns

Certain chemicals and household cleaners such as bleaches, paint strippers and toilet cleaners can cause chemical burns. Some of these chemicals cause local effects while some may cause damage within the body if absorbed through the skin.

The affected area may appear stained or become red. Blisters and peeling of the skin may also occur. The area around the chemical burn may also begin to sting. Treat a chemical burn as quickly as possible. Run cold water over the affected area for at least 10 minutes to prevent further damage to the burned tissues.

Remove any contaminated clothing but be careful not to contaminate yourself. Continue to run cold water over the affected area. Remove any jewerly, belts or any constricting clothing from the burned area before it begins to swell. Do not apply any lotions, ointments or fat to the burn. Avoid interfering with the burn in any way. Cover burns with a sterile, unmedicated dressing or similar clean non fluffy material.

Treat the injured for shock. Lay the injured person down on his back with his legs raised. Keep him warm and maintain body temperature. Give him sips of cold water to replace lost fluids. Call for emergency help or arrange to take the person to hospital.

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