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Proper Procedures For Thawing Frozen Foods

It is important to thaw frozen products correctly as they greaty effect the quality of the food. It is important to follow then general rules for thawing frozen food products.

Frozen food should never be left to defrost at room temperature. This can promote growth of bacteria. Defrosting should be done in a fridge at an ideal temperature range of 0 to 5 degrees celsius. This will allow the ice to melt away gradually, causing little damage to the structure of the food.

Different food types should be kept separate and allowed to thaw separately. Allow plenty of time for thawing. Make sure that large joints of meat, game or poultry are properly defrosted. Food that is cooked on the outside while the insides are still frozen can cause serious food poisoning. Only thin, small or pre-portioned food items can be cooked from their frozen state.

When defrosting meat and poultry use deep drip trays or containers to catch the liquid that runs during the thawing process. Keep defrosting meat and poultry separate from dairy products, fruit and vegetables. Never defrost meat in hot water. Never re-freeze food which has been defrosted. Microwaves can be used to defrost small quantities of frozen food.

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